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About the Seminars

Outsourcing — the practice of using external organisations to manage the operational areas of a business normally performed within that organisation — is a familiar concept to entrepreneurs.

Many SME’s outsource their accounting or payroll, call centre or logistics functions etc. whilst larger companies turn to outsourcing to cut costs or deal with fluctuations in demand. In response, entire industries have evolved to serve companies' outsourcing needs.

But how many managers really understand the benefits of outsourcing and the issues around managing effective and efficient business relationships and partnerships in a global environment?

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Cost reduction is important but so too are a raft of other factors, often more so and providing real benefits in terms of cost and risk management, responsiveness, innovation and extended service capabilities. Outsourcing is essentially a strategic approach. Although the decision to outsource may be driven by a goal of reducing costs, expanding service provision to customers to smooth out fluctuations in demand or provide extended cover, it is about the need to make more efficient and effective use of labour, capital, technology and resources.

The decision to outsource demands a number of key judgements around service levels, risks, costs and change management, These Master Classes from Assessment Tomorrow and The Centre for Indian Business at the University of Greenwich aim to introduce options for selecting and implementing a successful outsourcing policy. Aimed at Enterprises either considering outsourcing for the first time or wishing to review their current provision, this pair of Master Class seminars will address the key issues and look at case studies of those with experience of service provision in the outsourcing ‘industry’.


Attendance at these first two seminars is free of charge, however spaces will be limited to invitees and those registering on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

A fee will be charged for attendance at future events in this series.

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We are grateful for the support of
John McAslan + Partners
who will be hosting the event on 4th March 2010

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